Support MacLeod Provincial Park

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Greenstone Municipal Council is meeting to decide on the fate of MacLeod Provincial Park.

The current contract is expiring and the council must now decide whether to sign a new contract for 3-5 years, or if they will cause the Park to close.

The reasons so far that they spoke about at the council meeting were:

- booking must be online now. Council members argued that this would be difficult and would mean the employees must learn a new system. This should be being done anyways in order to increase visitors from out of town. One council member suggested that this would make reserving spots for the Walleye Derby more difficult, whereas it must be argued that allowing people to book in advance for the Derby will ensure that people get the spots they want, instead of having to hope that a spot is available when they show up.

- the municipality is liable for the insurance at the Park. Council members are worried that if something were to happen the township has the chance to lose money. This has never happened before however.

- the Park must be run according to the Provincial standards, including the new Water Filtration system that was installed last year, and requires the employees to monitor correctly, and to be properly shut down at the end of the year. Council members were worried that doing this may cost money, and it might be hard to learn.

If you are interested in watching the first council meeting about this topic, you can find it at  from 6.49 to 7.06pm on the recording.

This petition is to show the council the high amount of interest is camping and day use of the park and its facilities, as well as winter use. We will submit this petition as soon as possible. Please share with everyone who cares about Provincial Parks.

We love the park, please keep it open!

Update: as of 9.15am May 11th 2020, an initial list of signatures has been submitted to council.