Country Park Change

Country Park Change

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Greensboro Parks and Rec.

Why this petition matters

Started by Elena Patton

The Greensboro Country Park is closing to traffic permanently on June 21st.
The park has announced that they are in the process of building a new Bark Park as well as other reconstruction to the main park, although no specific time frame or date have been announced for the completion of the park.
This means that the people who enjoy going to the not only the Bark Park but also the playground and really any other section of the park all will have to park and walk. This is not only an issue for the ones who are handicapped but also to those who have time constraints, older dogs who can’t walk the distance to the park as well as family’s with young children. 
Why can they not close the park to traffic after the new Park is built? 
Help us get the park to keep the parking open at Country Park until the reconstruction of the park is complete or otherwise necessary to close traffic. 

45 have signed. Let’s get to 50!