“We are dying because you are buying” Ethiopian farmers

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 “We are dying because you are buying” this is the voice of helpless Ethiopian farmers.

Ethiopian farmers are calling on fellow human beings in all over the world to boycott leather and leather products from Ethiopia.

As can be seen in the video the farmers are living in a very devastating situation. The tanneries are jeopardizing the farmers’ health and livelihoods. The companies are dumping their wastes directly to the river without any treatments. This is against the constitutional right of Ethiopians to live in a clean and healthy environment and other universal declarations that Ethiopia is a signatory.

The farmers have been calling on the Ethiopian government for long. However, unfortunately, their bid falls on deaf ears. In Ethiopia, speaking about environmental pollution is politics and has a massive consequence. For the political cliques, speaking out against this kind of business practices is being anti-development.  The government has no willingness to address the problem as the ruling party has pure economic interest in the sector.

The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the ruling party which has been on power for the last 26 years, has owned large business groups. The business groups controlled by the EPRDF is said to be one of the largest conglomerates in Sub-Saharan Africa and engaged in the tannery, mining and textile industries which are commonly referred as “dirty”. In addition, EPRDF and the business elites including Sheik Mohammed Al Amoudi, who owns many of the leading factories across all economic sectors, are closely entwined via dense shareholding and political relationships.

These poor farmers are now appealing to the international community.  They are saying “we are dying because you are buying” as those leathers and leather products are for the international market. The farmers are counting on you! Be an ethical consumer and help the farmers retain their ancestral land and their livelihood! Please take action now! STOP buying leather and leather products from Ethiopia