This is the last straw! A petition to ban use of plastic straws to save marine life.

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It is well known that plastic is the biggest enemy to our environment. The ruthless usage of plastic products in spite of knowing about the negative impacts is not making things any easier. We must tackle it, one by one.

Marine life is probably hardest hit by our usage of plastic. Many fish have found dead with plastic filled in their stomach. Straws are one of the most common culprits for chocking these innocent animals. It's time to stop using them. I'm sure it's possible to enjoy a drink without a straw!

It's not tough to start this on a personal level. Whenever you go to any restaurant, you can ask the waiter to not give you a straw along with your drink. You can even talk to your local cafe, deli, juice bar, etc, to stop using these and explain to them the ill-effects, plus it helps them in cost cutting.

Let's stand together and make a straw free world a reality!

This Is The Last Straw!!