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Save the ocean

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I care because I love the ocean the beauty the fish the resources. These reasons should make you want to save it. We eat fish if we make the ocean unhealthy we can become unhealthy ourselves. If you like to do stuff in the ocean like boating, surfing , fishing you don't want to b disgusted going into the ocean. Sign my petition so we can save our oceans.

The ocean cover 71% of the Earths surface. The Oceans holds a variety to the smallest micro plankton to the biggest whale. The deepest of the oceans have not even been explored yet. You do not want to be the reason that we do not explore more of the ocean because of the litter and toxins in our oceans. Killing the marine life the plants the species that have not even been discovered. 

We can save our oceans by picking up our trash and cutting up the plastic waste so it won't suffocate the animals. Can also start taking better care of our oil plants to where they won't explode and spill into our oceans.

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