Health Hazard Mine Dump must be removed

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A community living in an informal Settlement called Thulani@Snakepark and suffering various Sickness that we believe are caused by this Mine dump close to our Area mostly during dry Season dust raisingup from the peak of this mine dump blocks our lungs and eyes..we Suffocate and can hardly Breath nor See and many suffer Asthmatic..Skin infection and many more unexplainable infections and much efforts were made to find collective Solution but unfortunately upto this day nothing happen and we as community concern decided to take Action do Something because nothing change and no cooperation from our administrative Authorities and journalist came had their Sensational Stories and left with empty promises that they will foward our to Story to the Upper administration about this Mine dump and our Community is exceeding 25 years living under such conditions and we are no longer willing to raisedup our children under such unhealthy risky environment eventhough we have no where to Option inexception of calling for help and support through this Petition