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Petitioning Greenhill Board of Directors and 4 others

Greenhill Stop killing adoptable animals & Comply with Public Contracts!


Greenhill "Humane" in Eugene, OR has put to death many animals with treatable issues, even though they claim that they don't. Animals are not "red alert" networked, and in fact rescue and adoption options are blatantly ignored by shelter management.  We want Greenhill to stop the killing of adoptable and treatable animals, abide by the public contract stipulations, and we want a No Kill Director, new Director of Shelter Medicine and a trained behaviorist put in place.  Enough is enough!

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Please note:  We are in no way discouraging adoptions or volunteering.

Letter to
Greenhill Board of Directors
Greenhill Board President
Commissioner Jay Bozievich
and 2 others
Cary Lieberman
Commissioner Pat Farr
We here signed, by looking at the evidence, have decided that we can no longer support Greenhill Humane Society until there are major changes. This unnecessary killing of adoptable and treatable animals has got to stop. Until Greenhill hires a No Kill director, new medical director and a trained Behaviorist, our donation dollars will go elsewhere.