Partial tuition refund for students at Greengates, due to online classes.

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Greengates has cancelled in-person classes “until further notice” replacing them with online classes. Students are asked to continue paying tuition for the months that classes will be canceled. Furthermore, they ask that students pay in US dollars instead of Mexican pesos, but due to COVID-19 situation the dollar is skyrocketing, making the cost of the monthly payments absurdly high. Students understand that teachers are still being payed fully but they are also using their own internet to give online classes. Even then online classes are not as effective as physical lessons and they are less frequent as well.  The goal is to reduce the charge made to students for the monthly payments for the amount of time that the classes will be online. The school’s facilities and resources are not being as used, e.g light, water, utilities, and other admin costs, so it is evident that the school is indeed saving money which should be compensated to students on this difficult time.