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Reform Greeneville High School's Dress Code

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As a teenager, not only is it extremely difficult to find clothing items that fit into the strict dress code, the clothes that do meet the requirements may not be in our price range or make us feel confident. It is also VERY unfair to bring the ripped jeans up this late in the school year because people have already purchased their school clothes for the year. Not everyone has the financial means available to be able to afford brand new clothes. It is also inconsiderate to ask us to change or go home because many of us have parents who work and cannot bring us clothes to change in to. It is also very embarrassing to get called out in front of our peers. If a parent cannot bring us a change of clothes, we might be sent home or forced to go to the clothes closet, which may or may not have clothes that will fit us. We shouldn't have to miss out on a day of education simply because an adult decided that we were dressed inappropriately. 
Our bodies are not distractions. I'm sure people can do as much algebra as they do now, even if we have holes in our jeans or if we're wearing a shirt that exposes our shoulders. It's also VERY offensive to the wonderful boys of our school and implies that they are mindless, hormonal animals who are incapable of thinking about anything but sex. 
The dress code needs serious reform and adults need to stop seeing the bodies of young girls as inherenitely shameful, distracting, and unprofessional things and instead just see us as people.

edit: this petition was in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM designed to disrespect Lana Page or any of the GHS staff. I personally love and respect Mrs. Page and all of our administrative staff. The problem is not with them, they are simply doing their jobs. The problem is that the rule makers should take the time to edit the dress code and make the necessary changes. 

proposed new dress code: (Written by Rainey Dinsmore)

1. Shoes must be worn at all times because of health and safety reasons. Footwear should be subject matter appropriate.

2. Shirts, tee shirts, or caps with pictures, drawings, words or implied references to illegal substances, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vulgar or profane language, sexual connotations, violence or questionable slogans may not be worn at school or school functions.

3. No headgear such as hats, toboggans, and hoods are to be worn by male or female students while in the building or attending classes. Nonprescription sunglasses are prohibited. Religious headgear is allowed. 

4. Hair dyes and colors should be left up to the discretion of the parents to deem if it appropriate

5. Muscle shirts and tube tops are not appropriate in the school environment. The material must be less than six inches below the neck. The wearing of coats or rain jackets over inappropriate tops so that they are covered is a suitable alternative to disrupting your education by sending you home.

6. The length of shorts, dresses, and skirts must be moderate and appropriate for an academic setting. Do not show your genitalia or buttocks, if your parents do not approve do not wear it to school.

7. Clothing which allows undergarments to be visible is not allowed. Pants must be worn at or near the waist. Shirts may show two inches of skin above the waist if they do not show undergarments worn by the individual.

8. Teachers and administrators will not publicly shame student who violate dress code. Shaming include, but is not limited to; kneeling or bending over to check attire fit, measuring straps or skirt length, asking students to account for their attire in front of other students, calling out students to correct a suspected violation, accusing students of distracting other students with their attire.

9. . Dress code violations should be dealt with before or after school, or during intervention period. They should not infringe on a student’s learning or their lunch time. Unless it can be dealt with in the time between classes (roughly seven minutes) then it needs to wait until there is time to deal with it without disrupting a students class.


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