Remove Edward James Hubbard and Nicole Hubbard Emery from Youtube

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We believe it's time that Edward Hubbard and his sister are removed from Youtube for airing their dirty family laundry, psychopathic behavior, suicidal threats and threats of violence against other Youtubers. Youtube is supposed to be a place for people to enjoy posting videos and all Edward and his sister do is cause drama and interrupt the normal intended use of Youtube. There are kids out here on YouTube that don't need to be watching Edward or Nicole. Edward's been doing this for months and then deleting the videos... His sister has been doing it for a week now. It's about time we stand up as a community and end this kind of activity once and for all. Youtube had put warnings on Edward's videos for the content that he has posted and he just deletes them. If Youtube won't do anything about these videos, I think it's about time we do. If you're tired of these videos popping up in your recommended viewing and you are like minded and agree, please sign this petition. Let's get enough signatures to get Edward and Nicole removed from Youtube once and for all and turn this over to Youtube.

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