Draft Jesse Ventura for President and Take America Back

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Our country is sick. Our healthcare system is broken, our police forces serve the wrong masters, and our financial system sucks the life out of working people. We the people demand a better choice in November. No third party or independent Presidential candidate currently declared stands a chance of getting into the debates to present a real third option to the American people in November. None of them have the experience, fortitude or voice to rally the people and challenge the forces that have been maintaining their monopoly on power all of our lives.

Luckily there is one independent who has already beaten the establishment twice before and can accomplish all of this – Jesse Ventura.

This week Governor Ventura made it clear that he wants to run for President of the United States – the question is whether that happens as an independent write-in candidate or through nomination by a third party. These recent comments are in line with what Governor Ventura has previously stated: as a strategic move any presidential run of his would begin in July of the election year.

The people are ready for an uprising, but we can’t do it alone.  

Governor Jesse Ventura is perfectly poised to win the Presidency as an independent with his broad populist appeal for those frustrated with the anemic responses of Washington to national and global crises. The 2020 election presents a turning point for the nation. Ventura is the best chance we have to revitalize the electorate, have a third party candidate participate in the debates, and win the Presidency in November.

The time is now.

Jesse Ventura, your country needs you.
Answer the call.

Draft Jesse 2020,



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