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16/17 Year Olds being able to Vote in the June 2017 General Election.

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The recent announcement to hold a General Election on Thursday, the 8th of June 2017 has shocked vast amounts of people. One group of people who have gone unnoticed are 16-17 Year Olds who would've been able to Vote in 2020. However, in this election this year, we will be unable to Vote for who we want to be in charge of our Country. These people, like me, are extremely concerned for our future, and we do not want to go unnoticed in this upcoming General Election to decide our future. Hence I have decided to create this petition so that my Generation does not go ignored. And so I believe that the Youngest age applicable to Vote should be reduced to 16 to 17 Year Olds, the minimum just for this one election where our say is incredibly important for our future. However this change can be fully implemented for the coming Years where our say is extremely important.

As much as I opposed the idea of Brexit, I was not able to Vote for the Future I wanted. However that is the past, and we should be able to decide who and what is best for our future. Not only people who may be slightly impacted by this issue, rather the people, My generation, who will grow up in an altered society. My generation who could not decide our future. My generation who had no say. And so I hope that I can influence you for the chance for this to change, as many of my generation are uncertain of what our future will be, and we must be given this say for our future. This is an election for the future of the UK, not just Adults.

And thus I am impacted the most, and wish for this to be altered to include me. I believe that many of my Generation will be present for the vote. Many people I know in my generation have confirmed they are fearful for the future. I assume that this fear should be eliminated, correct? If this change does not come into affect, the lives of many people in my generation will be dramatically impacted for the worse, and We, I, wouldn't be able to decide their future. If we succeed, I guarantee that my Generation will go out and vote for our future. We should not go ignored. This issue does not just affect the Young British Population. People around the world are affected by this, demonstrated in this article:

This must surely change.

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