Longer Lunches at GLHS

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As students at Green Level High School we believe that we deserve at least an hour for lunch because the current 45 minute lunch does not allow us to get all the work done that we may need. Students have to choose between help with their academics or eating lunch. Teachers also would be able to have more time to plan, as well as help students that need extra tutoring or missed a day. Also, next year many students will be able to go off campus for lunch and 45 minutes does not provide a student with enough time to leave campus, eat, and return to campus. If lunch continues to be 45 minutes long students will have to speed if they don’t want to be tardy, causing higher chances of accidents. Many other schools in Wake County have 1 hour lunches called smart lunches which is something we should adapt. This would be a really helpful change and all the students and staff at this school would benefit from it!