Tell Green Diamond NOT to Clear Cut an Old Growth Forest!

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August 30, 2020- Over the weekend, grassroots activists discovered that Green Diamond Timber Company has plans to clear cut an old-growth forest containing trees over 1000 years old near Wynoochee Lake on the Olympic Peninsula. On their ground-truthing expedition to the forest, activists found massive Douglas Fir trees and Western Red Cedar within an active Timber Harvest Plan (THP). New roads have been bulldozed into the forest and activists found a 631-year-old stump felled in road construction. Green Diamond is already doing active clearcutting in the area and could start logging the ancient forest any day. The area we have dubbed ‘The Wynoochee Remnant’ is habitat to the endangered Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet. The Wynoochee Remnant totals approximately 50 acres and is comprised of a 20-acre old-growth cedar/hemlock forest located next to a high conservation value wetland, as well as several dozen outlying giant Douglas Fir trees and old-growth snags. Despite their past commitments to preserve high-value wildlife trees such as those found within the Wynoochee Remnant and the potential illegality of logging of Murrelet habitat, Green Diamond plans to clear cut the old-growth forest including all of the massive Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar in the next two years. None have even been marked as wildlife trees

We are calling on Green Diamond Resource Company to immediately suspend all logging plans in the Wynoochee Remnant and to work with the conservation community to preserve the forest indefinitely. In the meantime, activists and allies are called upon to pressure Green Diamond Resource Company to halt the clear-cutting planned for the area, and if necessary, to occupy the forest to prevent it from being logged.

The forest is located at; 47°23'26.90"N 123°37'31.21"W 

You can find maps, and photo gallery of the forest here

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