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Make an electoral pact between the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat Parties

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The 2017 general election, under the current voting system, threatens a monopoly of power in one political party, the Conservatives, which does not fully express the views of a substantial minority, or even a majority of people, about the kind of society in which they would wish to live. The election takes place against the background of widespread media discourse which does not accept the political legitimacy of opposition, labelling those who disagree with the government as 'Saboteurs' or 'enemies of the people'.

Under these exceptional circumstances the preservation of a fully democratic and plural society may depend on an electoral pact between Labour, the Lib Dems and Greens in the 2017 General Election.  Here is a political programme on which such a pact might be based and which might lead to an anti-Conservative coalition government. The programme has five points:

 1. Increase Tax on incomes above £70k plus increases in Corporate tax in order to fund:

- the NHS

- action on child poverty social care

- regional funds devolved to those regions suffering from globalisation and encourage a massive rebalancing of the UK economy;

2.  A commitment to enhance employment rights and retain the European convention on human rights after Brexit;

3.  Government expenditure and policy incentives to be readjusted to quicken the transition to a zero-carbon society, reduce the health burdens of polluted air in our cities, and make the UK a world leader in low-carbon products; 

4.  The continued economic prosperity of the UK to be the main criterion in Brexit negotiations with a second referendum on the final terms of the deal; 

5.  Legislation to secure introduction of proportional representation by the 2022 general election to ensure against unhealthy concentrations of political power or the neglect of minority interests or rights; and to make it compulsory for political parties to take part in media debates at a general election.


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