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Workers Rights are Human Rights

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Every day, people go in and out of stores, like Walmart, purchasing a pack of gum or a box of bandaids never thinking anything of it. Starting out as a small chain store in a local town, Walmart now stands high as one of the three largest companies that produces cheap clothes and products in the world. Walmart was founded by Samuel Walton in 1962 and much of its products are manufactured in Asia. It has recently been noticed, however, that Walmart has been abusing articles from the UDHR. The UDHR is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Specifically, Walmart has neglected to follow human right laws 23 and 25. The tags on products fail to specify how much labor is put into each pack of gum or box of bandaids. Due to this, customers don’t realize that with every item they purchase, another worker has to sacrifice terror and blood. That is why Walmart continues to thrive under the ignorance of its customers.   

Article 23, the right to desirable work and to join trade unions, is violated by Walmart because the company threatens to fire or hurt their workers if they attempt to protest. In the past, Walmart has violently shown workers that they have no say and cannot stand up for their rights. The company will go to extremes in order to save their reputation. Women workers are daily harassed by the factory owners and in order to keep them quiet, the factory owners offer them a masquerade of slightly enhanced working standards. The violence and fake promises make it difficult and risky for workers to take industrial action to secure their their human rights. In addition to article 23, UDHR article 25, the right to adequate living standards, including food, housing and medical care, is abused by Walmart. Workers operate under disease prone and threatening conditions. They are required to work ten through fourteen hours a day, with no breaks to eat or drink. The lack of rest time for the workers jeopardizes their health and they can’t ask for a sick day because they risk being fired or tortured. Workers also receive wages that don’t allow them to live off of. Workers in Asian Walmart factories don’t make enough to live off of. To put this into perspective for an upper middle class American, workers can’t even afford to purchase a gallon of milk with their daily income. It is clear that with this inhumane exploitation of workers, Walmart undermines human rights in the UDHR.

By signing this petition, we come one step closer to creating a healthy, safe and just working environment for Walmart factory workers. This petition will be sent to the CEO of Walmart, and with more signatures, the more likely it is that workers will be granted with an improved work ethic. We, Greeley students, are the next generation and we are the ones who can make the biggest change. As your peer, I strongly urge you to take the small step of signing the petition to make a big change. Help educate the public as well, consumers should not be left in the dark. Every pack of gum and box of bandaids should be taken into consideration. Workers should not experience this amount of terror or shed one more ounce of blood.


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