Abolish and rewrite the new downtown Greeley parking policy now!

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The new parking policy in downtown Greeley negatively impacts commerce and quality of life for residents, business owners, and visitors alike.  The " orange zone" is absurdly large and forces residents, employees, and visitors to move their vehicles every two hours or receive harsh penalties up to and including disabling vehicles.  Currently no reasonably close free parking exists for residents or employees downtown.  This forces residents and employees to walk several blocks. Oftentimes the journey is made in poor weather conditions or at hours of the day where it isn't necessarily safe to walk alone in this neighborhood.  The current parking policies stunt overall growth potential downtown, make downtown less accessable and desirable to visit, and severely alienates the residents and workforce.  The policy currently only serves the purpose of generating massive amounts of revenue for an out of touch City Council.  It must be rewritten in a way that better serves the residents, business owners, and employees that make downtown Greeley what it is immediately.  We believe this policy is overly aggressive.