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Greed Is The Real Killer! Stop RX TV Ads!

"The last time a cure was found for a disease was 1959. Dr. Johas Salk Developed the vaccine for polio. He was just one man. Since that time, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on disease. Not for a cure, but for drug treatment only. A cure would put big pharmaceutical companies out of business.
It should be the job of a physician to prescribe the best treatments to a patient, instead of patients asking doctors to prescribe these drugs to them. By advertising these drugs, the pharmaceutical companies are involving themselves in a legal drug trade that is killing thousands of people every day. Many of these drugs, such as Chantix, Floxin, and Viagra have proven deadly. It is time this unethical marketing ceases." Source Published by Marlene B. on

The US and New Zealand are the only two countries where direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs is legal. Prescription drugs are not only over prescribed but over advertised! My son deserves to grow up without the constant drug messaging to fix any problem! We need to take control of our health and out of the drug company's wallets! Work on a cure not a band aid!

How many more need to die before we start taking action? We MUST start somewhere!

Thank you!

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