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GREE, Inc.: Continue OpenFeint. Please, read my petition.

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It's the only social network I use. Me and all of my friends on OpenFeint keep on saying we want to keep it.

Thing is, GREE is a stupid company. First, they buy it from AuroraFeint. Then, they give us less than a month to prepare to change.

We have stories. HOPE. SideStep. I have a story, called Skyhinge. All of them are great. But all of us stopped working on them. You know why? It'll all be gone in under a month. We have 27 days left. We were notified two days ago.

I'm just a kid. There is an army of kids. There are people any age from ten, to nineteen. But everything will be gone in twenty seven days.

The forum roleplayers? all their knowledge of OpenFeint is useless on Groupie. I didn't even know groups had separate threads until a friend told me.

Storywriters. Poemwriters. Everyone will have to start from scratch. My impressive 1,200 threads will be nothing. Me and some brony friends made almost 25,540 posts, back on thread 120. We're almost at 195. We play out 200 posts per thread. Nice math, right? It'll be close to 40,000 posts by 200 threads.

Exxon and I. Brite. Capo. Flash. Violet. Max. Any and all forum RPers- GONE. GONE, GONE, GONE. Flash has about 2k threads. Brite has probably close to that.

So again, why does GREE refuse our requests? I've made four threads IN OPENFEINT. And now, I've decided to do this.

Again, this is my ONLY social networking. Why? Because the profile is your name, picture, "add friend", "IM", "REPORT". Oh yeah, and that picture is tiny. By December Fourteenth, Two Thousand Twelve, I hope to have 1,000 signatures. Hopefully more. We all want to keep it.

I can list over five hundred OFers. We even have favourite spammers, it's so amazing. Herr Durr is funny. So is K4K4N.

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