Give our bus drivers a fair wage and conditions

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Everyone has the right to a living wage with working conditions that are commensurate with a healthy lifestyle for their families and themselves.  That does not mean getting the minimum for working a split shift over 14hours. This is what the new contract with Tranzit for Wellington Bus services involves. How about getting a living wage for an eight hour day and at least 3 weeks holiday per annum? 

Tranzit won the contract recently, probably because they were the lowest quoter.  Surely the GWRC has a responsibility to support workers in their region. This does not mean exploiting them to make their budget balance.  The councillors need to make it right, not just calling ..."for the standoff to end" (Ken Laban) as if it is someone else's problem! 

Anyone who believes that every worker has the right to a reasonable life support me in this petition.