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Save Bondi Junction from being over-developed. Say no to the RSL proposed apartments.

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Whilst we support the renovation of the Bondi Junction RSL club (Club Bondi Junction RSL), we object to the proposed development plan DA-533/2017, "Proposed Partial demolition of existing building and construction of a 13 storey mixed use building containing a registered club, retail shops, 124 residential units and basement car park". The proposal details can be found here: DA-533/2017

The main reason for our objection is that the development does not comply with the requirements of the Waverly LEP & DCP, particularly in relation to height which is 42% over the maximum height limit for the site of 32m and 10 stories. There is no need for this and the proposed development only serves to increase profitability for the developer at the expense of the neighbouring community. Approving the development in its current form would set a legal precedent of Council abandoning its planning controls and as such undermine the application of such controls on this and adjoining sites.

Additionally, we object for the following reasons:

  1. Over-development of Bondi Junction resulting in loss of views, sunlight and privacy issues for neighbouring residents.
  2. Increased traffic and congestion causing safety hazards for motorists and pedestrians, and increased pressure on public transport. The current infrastructure already isn't coping with the number of residents and visitors to the area. The Government should focus on improving the infrastructure instead of putting more pressure on the area and allowing such developments to be built which do not comply with regulations or add any value to the community.
  3. Increased noise levels during the lengthy construction phase in an already busy and noisy residential area. Once complete, there would also be additional noise with the increased number of residents in an already saturated area, especially above an establishment that serves alcohol. 
  4. Negative impact on the value of neighbouring properties due to aforementioned loss of privacy, sunlight and views. The proposed development will lead to dramatic decreases in the value of nearby properties as it will make the area less desirable for future buyers and negatively impact the potential sale price for which we will not be compensated.
  5. Safety due to likely additional antisocial behaviour. The proposed development will bring an influx of a large number of new residents to Bondi Junction which is already over developed beyond reason. Statistically, any large group of people is likely to include people with antisocial tendencies particularly due to consumption of alcohol which will be facilitated by the increased capacity of the club to hold late night drinks and parties. 

The proposed redevelopment is advertising the newly designed club as a “place for the community” but by adding so many apartments and ruining the homes of neighbouring residents, the proposed design would have an adverse effect and destroy the community, driving people away from the area. Please don't let this happen.


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