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Removal of unsafe dogs and stricter bylaws

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For anyone who has not seen the news on the latest dog attack that resulted in the attacked dog being euthanized, please refer to the below links.

As quoted, "Bylaw services say the owner has received two vicious dog notices for the animals since the attack and the dogs are still in possession of the owner. Because it's an ongoing investigation, bylaw services hasn't issued any tickets yet." What is it going to take for these dogs to be taken away from the owner? The attack of a child? She can't muzzle dogs when they leave the property when she is claiming they are being let out without her consent!!!! This angers me beyond belief. 

These dogs need to removed from their home (along with the other two dogs she owns) as it is quite obvious she is unable to care of them and ensure this ongoing issue of her doings being on the loose and attacking people AND animals is put to rest. There are multiple posts on the "What's Going On In Lively" Facebook page of images, and requests of these dogs on the loose over the past year, including February, June, July and November. These dogs have been involved with Tonka, the dog who was euthanized due to the severity of the attack injuries on Wednesday, more than once. Twice that did not result in vet visits, and once in July where he was brought to the vet and was infected and had a high fever. Since the release of this story, many others have come forward with their encounters. 

Also quoted, "Brendan Adair is the manager of security and bylaw services for the city of Greater Sudbury. He says the officer assigned to the case had previous animal control experience, but he didn't start work that day until 2 p.m. No one called Matthews back to let her know about the delay, according to Adair.

"We felt it best he be the lead on this investigation, and we did so with the belief that there was no immediate level of threat that we would need to assign someone to get there before the afternoon shift started," Adair says."

Please tell me again that the brutal attack of a dog resulting in death gave you the belief that there was no immediate level of threat that required assigning someone PRIOR to the shift starting. This is beyond unacceptable.

Let's come together and make a change and ensure something like this does not happen again, especially involving these same two dogs. They need to be removed from this owner and our bylaws clearly need some reevaluation!  


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