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Glucose sensor monitering on prescription for T1 diabetics

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Since the 1st November 2017 glucose sensor monitoring has been accepted by the UK Government and recognised by the DVLA as an acceptable way for type 1 diabetics to continually monitor their blood glucose levels wothout having to constantly prick their fingers for a blood sample. The Greater Preston Clinical Commissioning Group however have refused to allow the sensors on prescription in Preston and South Ribble until further ‘negotiations’ have taken place.

 Myself and all type 1 diabetics test their glucose levels between 4-10 times (sometimes ALOT more) every single day. We have to do this to make sure we take the correct insulin doses and can try and keep our blood glucose levels at a safe level. The continuous sensor means we can see what our blood glucose is doing when we are unable to test such as during the night, meaning we can help stop complications and dangerous scenarios. Each sensor lasts 14 days and if we were to buy them privately they’d cost around £50 each. The reader is of course extra.

I completed a trial of the sensor, run by my diabetes team so i and many others have the reader and were able to see how it would help. I saw i was going hypo during the night. I wasn’t waking up when my glucose level dropped to a dangerous low but thankful my liver is still working as it should and released stored glucose which was sending me high in a morning. This showed me i needed to reduce my long acting insulin. Without that data myself and my specialist nurse would not have know this and potentially my insulin could have been increased under the assumption i wasn’t getting enough! This would have been dangerous and the possibilty of not waking up at all is very real.

This technology is an amazing piece of kit and WILL help gain better control and SHOULD be available to ALL type 1 diabetics on prescription. If i moved to Bolton, just 17 miles away, i could get this prescription but i cannot get it here in Preston! Myself and many diabetics living in Preston and South Ribble are once again delayed in being able to access potentially life changing help on the NHS. the greater Preston CCG is nortorious for denying treatments and help due to cost. Make them see the long term side affects of poor control and possible hospital admissions would cost more. PLUS 10 tests per day on average is 300 tests per month which in money terms costs more for the blood glucose strips then the sensor!  

Although the CCG are in talks to roll it out on prescription, type 1 diabetics will need to meet certain ‘critria’ before they can receive it on prescription. This is WRONG. Every type 1 should have access. If they are seen not to gain greater conrol over a set period of time whilst working alongside their health proffesionals, fair enough, review that individual but they SHOULD NOT be setting criteria to have the chance of an easier, less painful way of monitoring their glucose levels. It’s not just a ‘new bit of kit’. It is a life changing piece of technology that all type 1 diabetics should have access to. Please sign and make the CCG take notice. 

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