Help save the Musi river

Help save the Musi river

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Started by Aamershah Kadri

The river Musi is a well known river all over India, but over the years we the people of Hyderabad have not been so kind to the river Musi, therefore I am making this petition to make us aware of the problems which cause river Musi to become more dangerous to the people and visitors. 

As you all know the Musi river is a big aspect of Hyderabad and is very important to our society. The beauty of Musi river has been outstanding but over the years the Musi river has been impacted by the sewage of our city being dumped in the river and haphazard planning and growth. The toxic waste being discharged into the river indirectly affects most of the residents that live in Hyderabad, as many of the people use the water from the river to do daily rituals such as washing clothes, cooking, etc. These chemicals will somehow affect us indirectly. The condition of the river Musi is dangerous and needs immediate action since there are toxic fumes coming from the river and it infects the air we breathe, it also infects our crops, etc.

Though there have been many petitions held for the river, the government doesn't listen and simply ignores the residents. Over a long period of time the river now has become a sewage because of the waste being dumped into it, chemicals coming from industrial factories, plastic waste, etc. The Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) of Telangana promised that they would set aside 2500 crores but so far no action has been taken to help the river Musi.

We demand the government of Telangana to take action on this issue. 
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147 have signed. Let’s get to 200!