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Holbrook and Henty pools to have 'Memorial' stay in the name.

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The Greater Hume Shire Council have voted to change the name of both Henty and Holbrook pools to remove the Memorial from the name. 

As we live in a free democratic society thanks to the sacrifice of those whom the pools were built to remember, they can only do this if we as a community agree. 

I for one was unaware that the notion to change the pool names was even being considered. Even though some would say it's a small change, it says a lot about us as a community and the respect we have for those who served and those who have their lives for this country. 

I think that removing Memorial from the pools, which the community and RSL provided most of the money for is a mistake and disrespectful of people who lost their lives, returned injured, served in some way or who had a loved one affected. 

It also somewhat cheapens the service of those who served and the commitment of those who had the drive to build the pools in the first place. 

A Memorial pool is not just remembering those who died or who were affected by one particular war, but all wars, and its meant as a reminder for all us all of how lucky we are to live in peace. 

Maybe im wrong and the pool name should change to be more modern sounding, but I sincerely hope not. 

But as I said that's up to you, as we live in a free society based on sacrifice of a few, which is still ongoing today. 

Please sign this petition if you think the name shouldn't change and the council should reverse their decision. 

Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Taken from a letter to residents by David Pumpa. 

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