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Rehire Artis Hughes

Sometime in September of 2012 Shidea N. Lane boarded a bus being operated by Artis Hughes, a 22 year veteran of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

Shidea was belligerent and abusive to both Mr. Hughes and another city employee. In the video of the altercation Shidea is seen pushing the other employee, shouting at Mr. Hughes and generally presenting a danger to every passenger on the bus due to diverting Mr. Hughes attention from the road.

Later Shidea spits on a physically attacks Mr. Hughes. It is at this point that Mr. Hughes, having already endured more than the average person would, pulls the bus over, rises from his seat and delivers a single blow to Shidea's head. In this brief moment Shidea is taught a much needed lesson in manners.

As a result of his actions Mr. Hughes is now in danger of losing his job.

You must sign this petition to send a message to the powers that be that we will no longer tolerate bullies and that standing up for oneself is a sign of integrity and should not be something we are punished for.

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  • 1240 West 6th Street Cleveland, OH 44119
    Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

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