Ambulance getting stuck at Chennai Traffic Signals

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On the other day, when I was waiting at Tiruvanmiyur Signal, I saw an Ambulance with loud Siren waiting next to me and the girl child inside the Ambulance crying besides the woman, the mother I suppose who was wearing an Oxygen Mask. I saw vehicles lined up for a distance of nearly 600 to 700 metres in the front, tightly jam packed, leaving no way for cycles even.

My heart bled on seeing the girl crying and it would still take more than 10 minutes for the signal to open and there was also no guarantee that this Ambulance might pass within that open time. The traffic officer was in the front and no way he could hear the Siren.

Just like all the other hundreds of us near to that Ambulance, I stayed helpless and prayed like a human, like a brother for that girl, like a son for that mother. 

I couldn't watch the girl's face and looked aside. I felt ashamed for being a responsible citizen and couldnt able to provide a necessary assistance to the situation. Will I stay put if I were in that Ambulance taking my Mother or Father or someone close to me. I couldn't imagine more out of it and tears started coming out of my eyes. 

That's when the signal opened up and the ambulance crossed the signal at the last minute. I felt very relieved and thanked God for the moment. Time should still matter and I sincerely hoped that the person would be saved. 

And my joy was completely short lived after seeing the same Ambulance in the next signal behind a pile of another set of vehicles. All my pain and stress started again. I felt shame and pathetic. I felt really ashamed on what we have done to the place we once cherished.

And now a few two wheelers and four wheelers looked casual inspite of an Ambulance at their back. It seemed like they understood that this is the reality and started chatting with their peers, burying their inner consciousness.

I cried again, inside my helmet, vigorously, praying that this should not happen in anyone's life. And when the signal cleared, I followed the Ambulance for no reason and it reached the hospital at Perumbakkam (took 20 mins roughly), parked the bike near the casualty ward, saw the girl and the mother taken inside the ward, stayed there in that place for a long time without a single movement. 

I never wanted to know what must have happened to her but I just prayed one thing to God that time.

" If something wrong is supposed to happen to her, please God take one year out of my lifetime and give it to the mother. She should not die in this way "

Why can't all the traffic signals reprogrammes itself or by an online team, opens up the concerned signal and frees up the Ambulance first thing and then looks for the movement of other vehicles. 

And why can't the same team, monitor the further movement of Ambulance till the point it reaches the desired Hospital. And why is this not made online and convenient, a system which each and every traffic police and public can cherish.

Don't we have the resources for setting it up.

I hate myself to be called as a techie. SO PLEASE GOD do something and bring this menace to an end, before this nature of the Humans destroy each and everyone of our kind.

We have thousands of private Cab drivers running across the city and I seriously wonder whether we need these many Cab.

We use OLA and UBER for booking Cabs Online, we login to websites to book cinema tickets, we dial hotels to make dinner reservations, we get into mobile apps for booking travel tickets but with the knowledge and manpower we possess, we lost the basic amenity of our existence and that's none other than US.

It's a shame on all of us when pleasure comes first priority than Human life in the area of technology advancements

I sincerely request the Chennai Corporation to frame up a new and feasible plan which would make

the traffic systems online, 

Ambulanceservices fully equipped with GPS, 

online team deciding the destination rather than the Ambulance drivers (based on predefined rules and traffic mapping that can be obtained from system online),

educate people on Traffic guidelines at the time of Ambulance crossing.

Whatever plan which is in place already, is 100% ineffective. I as a two wheeler, feel sincerely and honestly agree that I, as a person feel very responsible if an Ambulance is not reaching the destination on time due to the traffic on road. 


From someone who wanted to let it out from his heart.

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