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Request the removal of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s CEO

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The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) has been a trusted and valued part of the Birmingham community for over 100 years. The organization has the best volunteers, foster, supporters, and staff that one can find. Countless animals have found refuge, love, and hope through their efforts. What GBHS is currently lacking is leadership with integrity, compassion, or vision. For the past three years, Allison Black Cornelius has created a toxic environment that is unwelcoming and has resulted in a level of mistrust that can not be remedied.
Allison Black Cornelius’ management style is “you are either with me or against me.” This has resulted in a total intolerance of anything possibly perceived to be criticism. This is dictatorship, not leadership. Staff, volunteers, fosters, and community members can not voice concerns without facing retaliation. Those who do ask questions are dismissed and vilified. Her quest for power has become greater than the mission of GBHS. In recent months, there have been countless allegations against Ms. Cornelius ranging from misappropriation of funds to unethical solicitation of donations. Numerous accounts of wrong doing have come to light from dozens of different groups and individuals. Ms. Cornelius would have you believe it’s a huge conspiracy of lies. She has gone so far as to serve a concerned foster and GBHS donor with a cease and desist order. GBHS receives funding from tax payers and is obligated to answer questions and provide statistics. This is problematic for what Ms. Cornelius has said publicly is not supported by the organization’s performance that has steadily declined under her leadership.
The GBHS was once a trusted institution and a beacon of hope for animals in Jefferson County. The relationship between the community and GBHS has completely deteriorated under the current “member’s only” leadership style. Ms. Cornelius routinely portrays herself as the victim during the current downward spiral. In reality, the animals and tax payers of Jefferson County are the victims of her incompetencies. Please sign this petition to show the Board of Directors at GBHS that Allison Black Cornelius’s removal is in the best interest of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and the wonderful animals and community it serves.

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