Equality for Great Ormond Street Hospital cleaners!

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We did it, with your help! Petitions matter! My colleagues and I - all domestic staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital have declared victory after NHS bosses conceded to our demands for full NHS workers’ rights. Having already won a string of concessions, such as NHS pay, sick pay, pensions last year in an historic fight to end outsourcing, we then found out that GOSH had failed to give them full NHS parity. We members of UVW vowed to continue fighting in a campaign that saw a wave of support from domestic workers and medical professionals from around the country. This week, amidst mounting pressure from a ballot for industrial action which saw 97% ‘yes’ votes to strike, GOSH announced their commitment to bringing us up to full NHS ‘Agenda for Change’ terms and conditions, paving the way for full equality. United Voices of the World is a small member-led union. We members are mostly low paid, precarious workers, mainly Black and brown and migrants. Many of us have been drawn to UVW’s grassroots ethos which puts workers at the forefront of collective action and is seen to intersect with anti racist struggles in the UK and beyond. UVW organisers hailed the news as part of a wider move to mobilise ancillary workers in the health sector who face increasingly tough conditions and who have become increasingly inspired by member lead trade unionism.

Genevieve Tommy
2 months ago