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Great Northern/Govia - Keep the evening fast trains to Royston and Letchworth after 19:12

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Update: please keep signing the petition and providing your comments on Facebook, the Rail Users Groups have ongoing meetings with Govia  to discuss the problems below, the more signatures, the louder our voice!

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Under the proposed 2018 timetable Great Northern (run by Govia Thameslink Railways) are planning a massive downgrade in the service to Royston and Letchworth

The big problems are:

- There will be no fast trains to Royston and Letchworth from Kings Cross after 19:12 (the trains will instead run non-stop to Cambridge). The replacement will be a train from St Pancras that takes 49 minutes instead of 36 minutes (to Royston). For someone commuting every day that's an extra 48 hours on the train a year.

- There will be no trains starting at Royston in the morning. The 07:32 and 08:34 will be replaced by trains starting at Cambridge. For commuters from Royston & Ashwell, these are the only trains on which you can get a seat (especially with the new trains that, ridiculously, have fewer seats).

- Letchworth will also lose all the stops on the Kings Lynn origin fast trains in the morning - so no sub-30 minute trains into London in the morning from Letchworth but trains taking 40 minutes or more.

- Both stations will lose the fast trains at 09:05/09:15, 09:35/09:45 and 10:05/10:15, replaced with a slower semi-fast service taking 40-50 minutes.

The train service is a vital resource for our towns, our prosperity depends on it and we all plan our lives and buy our homes based on it. This is especially true with the need for affordable housing in commuting distance of London.

Thank you for reading and please sign the petition.

Edward Carder & John Moore, Royston & Villages Rail Users Group

Leanne Stott & Stephen Rose, Letchworth Rail Users Group

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