Great News Today! You Did It! AstraZeneca Came Through For John!


Great News Today! You Did It! AstraZeneca Came Through For John!

This petition made change with 2,170 supporters!
Friends of John Haydon started this petition to AstraZeneca

Hi Everyone! We have great news to share today! AstraZeneca will provide John with a year supply of Tagrisso to help him fight his rare cancer! 

Thank you for signing the petition. It mattered. Together we are stronger.


"John has been bravely fighting cancer for the past 18 months. He is calm but determined. He has an 'every day I get up and fight for my life' attitude. He's a model patient which, doctors will tell you, is actually kind of rare. He's eating well, working out, seeking the best care, staying positive. And he's got this one chance: A drug that has promise but hasn't been approved for his type of cancer." ~ Tom Ahern

Our friend John Haydon is fighting for his life. His cancer is back. And John has exhausted all options to get the drug he needs but one.

John needs your help now. 

John is a man who has generously helped thousands of nonprofits spread good in the world. He is a dearly loved friend, colleague, fiance, brother and – most importantly – dad.

He’s the best person most of us know. 

A respected and well-known hero of the non-profit world, John needs a chance to continue to make a difference in the world. He needs a chance to live.

One medication is John’s best chance. 

The medication, Tagrisso, costs $16,000 per month. Tagrisso was developed by AstraZeneca, and the medication was approved as a cancer treatment in 2017 by the FDA.

John’s specialist, a physician with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, thinks Tagrisso is the perfect option for him. But after trying to get coverage, the insurance company has repeatedly denied the request.

In his appeal to the insurance company, John’s doctor wrote “the patient will succumb soon” if he does not receive approval for Tagrisso. 

Time is running out for John.

The appeal went all the way to the top of the insurance company. At every point, the approval was denied.

The insurance company will not cover the Tagrisso because it’s not approved for John’s type of cancer. But NOTHING is because John’s cancer is so rare. Only 100 people in the world every year develop this type of cancer. 

Tagrisso is the closest medication that treats similar symptoms and cancers. It’s John’s last hope.

With his doctor’s backing, John has now applied to AstraZeneca to provide Tagrisso “off label” which means he can use the drug to treat HIS cancer though it is not “officially” approved. All the paperwork is filed and the application is in process. 

This is where you come in. 

John needs YOU to fight with him and urgently encourage AstraZeneca, the manufacturer of the medication that could save his life, to approve Tagrisso for his use and to assist with the staggering cost.

How? First, SIGN this petition. Second, SHARE John’s story via this page via Twitter and Facebook. Ask everyone you know, especially those who know and love John (and there are MANY!) to sign too. And TAG AstraZeneca so they can see how much we all need John in this world!

Friends, we have just a FEW DAYS to show AstraZeneca how much John means to this world. SIGN NOW and start SHARING and TAGGING! John needs you. Please be there for him as he has always been there for us.


This petition made change with 2,170 supporters!

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