Great museums need good curators. Good curators have expertise about their collections, their subject disciplines and their relevance to society. They use this knowledge to create rich, meaningful experiences for our audiences and users.

The public has a right to expect great museum experiences built on authoritative expertise, which encourage them to learn and share what they know.

We call on the international museum community to recognise the need for good curators, to invest in curatorial expertise and make a commitment to sustaining curatorship for the benefit of society.

Letter to
The international Museum Community
I believe that as a professional community, museums share a common aspiration to create rich, exciting and meaningful experiences for all generations of users, from all walks of life. People all over the world love museums, enjoy our collections and benefit from the knowledge and expertise that we provide.

Making the most of the potential of museums as a force for good depends on maintaining, valuing and building on our century-long legacy of professionalism and expertise. We must come together to defend the principle that great museums need good curators.

I agree that we need to recognise, support and celebrate good curators and the vital role of curatorship in delivering effective museum services.

Yours sincerely,

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