Allow local bicycle shops to place signage along the trail system

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Are you a cyclist who uses the Great Allegheny Passage? Wouldn't you want to know where a local bicycle shop is along the trail should something go wrong with your bike? How many times have you been stranded on the trail to only learn later that a local bike shop was just 1/4 mile away from where you were? We can't tell you how many times we have heard our customers say they would feel more secure in knowing where to go should they experience trouble on the trail. Where is the signage?

For years, Zak's has tried diligently to let riders know where we are located by placing signs along random spots on the trail. The signage shown in the picture of our petition is at the McKeesport Loop, where riders can choose to continue through McKeesport or cross the bridge into Port Vue to access the Great Allegheny Passage. We would like to thank the McKeesport Trail Commission and Mayor Cherepko for supporting us and allowing us to place signage along the McKeesport-LOOP portion of the trail system. This is a great example of being supportive of your local businesses, and we sincerely appreciate it. If it were not for McKeesport's support, Zak's would not be where it is today. We are proud to serve McKeesport and the surrounding communites.

We've had local residents place our signs on their own property along the Regional And Great Allegheny Passage trail systems, only to be reprimanded by the Trail Commission to have them removed. Is that how the Trail Commission supports your local bicycle shops?

The answer is simple. Yes. You would think that a bicycle trail leading from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC would want to support their local bicycle shops. However, in several years of being in business, we have found that this is the last thing they want to do. They say they don't want to "clutter" the trail. We can respect that, but we've seen signs for local eatery's, events, big box stores, rental shops...but when it comes to a local bicycle shop, they are not welcome. Sure there are kiosks that show a bike shop is within the vicinity, somewhere. But what is their phone number or their address? Did you just ride right past it?

We are asking for the Great Allegheny Passage and the Regional Trail Corporation to allow local bicycle shops to place a few signs along the way to not only help aid riders during their trips, but to support the very people who keep cyclists on their trails, the local bicycle shops. Why promote cycling but not allow your visitors the opportunity to know where they can find parts, emergency service or even a new bicycle to enjoy your trail system? Why do you continue to be unsupportive of your bicycle shops? Not only does it help the cyclists, the bike shops and increase traffic on the trail, but it helps support the local economy as well.

If you are a cyclist and would like to know where your local bicycle shop is located, please sign our petition. If you are a local bicycle shop owner and would like to be able to place a sign along the trail to alert riders there is a bicycle shop nearby, please sign our petition. We want our riders to feel safe and secure and the local bicycle shops to feel supported for all of the hard work they do.

Thank you!

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