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Graziela: Less Glamour in the Office! #TooMuchStyleGrazi

Graziela's simple but stylish outfits suit her perfectly and always looked relaxed and pretty. It's a terrible situation that makes the rest of us look bad, and distracts us in the office.

I put a lot of effort into my clothes, and it damages my ego to be shown up by lovely casual style. I've never taken action online before, but now I feel I have to speak up. Grazi's a lovely young woman, and I'm sure she'll take my feelings into account.

All I am asking is that she look less glamorous one day a week. Tuesdays. It's not too much trouble, and if she can do that, every Tuesday each of us will feel a little bit more special.

It's possible that Grazi doesn't even know this is a problem, and I'm sure she would do something about it if everyone in the office signed this petition.

Can you help me?

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    Graziela Tanaka

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