Change the Elkins late grade policy

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On November 13, 2015, The Elkins School Board enacted a new late grade policy. The late grade policy is as followed.

"Advanced"/Normal Classes

  • 10 points off per day late up to 3 days.
  • After the third day, grade results in a zero


  • 25 points one day late
  • Not accepted two or more days late


  • Late work is not accepted (You recieve a zero)

I am a senior student at Elkins High School. The majority of my classes are either AP or Honor courses, and as such, I fall into the category of the bottom two. What does this change mean to me and my fellow students? A single forgotten assignment could change our course grade by an entire letter.

 For example, say that a student, overloaded by class assignments, stayed up through 3 am working on a major grade class assignment. Upon oversleeping, he would rush to the bus, forgetting his class assignment at home. This poor student, who spent days on the project would in turn recieve a permanent major grade 0.

Now how much can a single major grade 0 get? It could change a 95 into an 84. It could change a 86 to a 78. It could change a 74 to a 68. All of these grades are actual changes faced due to the new policy change.

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