Decision Maker Response

Henry Waxman’s response

Nov 6, 2013 — Thank you for contacting me to express your support for the gray wolf. I appreciate knowing we share the same view.

As you know, the gray wolf was one of the first species covered under the Endangered Species Protection Act (ESA) of 1966. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently conducting a status review of the gray wolf, and I have joined with other concerned Members of Congress to urge that ESA protections remain in effect for the gray wolf in the lower forty-eight states to allow them to recover in every part of the country. For more, please visit You can count on me to keep our shared concern in mind as Congress continues to evaluate protections for wildlife.

From clean air and water to the preservation of our public lands and wildlife, I have spent my career in Congress working for the strongest possible environmental protections. To learn more about my work in Congress, please follow me on Facebook at or Twitter at

Again, thank you for contacting me and I hope you will continue to keep in touch on issues of concern.