Grant PE Uniform for The Whole Day and To Have Official School PE Uniforms

Grant PE Uniform for The Whole Day and To Have Official School PE Uniforms

November 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fidel Torio



As a student, it's quite a hassle, and there are other circumstances when we need to bring extra uniforms to a specific subject like PE. Physical education is a subject that has activities that require us to use our bodies.We sweat after doing an activity, as our body releases chemicals called "endorphins." There are circumstances in which you need time to change from your PE and school uniform.It's quite a hassle and a struggle to change it again for the next subject that will come.We want this petition to be granted, as we want to be able to wear the PE uniform from the beginning to the end of the day.Moreover, there's still a way to bring the whole uniform down to size. The merit we could gain is that we wouldn't need to pack the uniform for PE, because we could already wear it for the whole day. After doing an activity, we would only bring a change of clothes for the shirts. Save time and save laundry water.   

Reasons why this can be convenient and helpful for students:

-Can reduce the hassle of immediately changing from one uniform to another

-Can reduce time consumption for recess, lunch breaks, or time that should be spent after PE time 

-For students to maximize time for the whole subject 

-Convenient for students to not carry too much stuff to school 

-And having to wear a more breathable uniform during the whole day can be relieving given that our official school uniforms has texture that can cause heat exhaustion.

- This only applies to students who have students who have PE uniforms ( white t-shirt, jogging pants), the school's official PE uniform (if ever there is one) and this does NOT consider TYPE C uniforms which are; (white t-shirt and jeans); and every section has a designated day (PE day) so that every student won't be in PE uniform all at once in one day.


And about the official school uniform, we would like for the school to release official school PE uniforms for;

-For lower grade levels to use it in the following years

-It helps administrators instantly identify trespassers

-It is possible for a school dress code or mandatory uniform policy to cost less

-It can be a safety regulation, if the students are outside of the premises 

-this part of the agreement applies to students who can afford to purchase the uniform, lower grade level.

This does not apply to 12th grade students who can't afford to buy a set, and chooses not to because for reasons being this is their last year of senior highschool.



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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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