Grant Gloria a Visa to Get an Education #LetGloriaLearn

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35,000 people want the U.S. @StateDept to #LetGloriaLearn

To everyone who has joined our campaign over the past week: thank you so much for standing up for Gloria. This young woman represents the best of humanity, and it is such a blessing to see so that so many people believe in her. You’ve already done so much, but we need the U.S. State Department to hear our voices. Could you use this link to send a tweet and show your support? The past few days have been amazing -- to see 35,000 people join this cause is so wonderful, and I know that your support will help to make sure that Gloria is able to achieve her dreams. She should not be denied access to an education simply because she is an orphan. In fact, we should be working to make sure that girls like Gloria around the globe have access to the tools and opportunities that they can use to help their communities thrive. When Gloria was denied her visa, we were devastated but determined to fight on. And now we have 35,000 of you fighting with us. Please click here to send a tweet showing your support and calling on the State Department to give Gloria another chance: If you are on a mobile device, you can just copy and paste this language into your Twitter app: “35,000 supporters say: @StateDept please don't deny Gloria her education because she is an orphan! #LetGloriaLearn” Thank you so much for your support, Jared

Jared Hill
4 years ago