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Grant equal access to Gay-Straight Alliances in schools!

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The Kennewick School Board in Washington State made the decision to restrict access to all Gay-Straight Alliances in their school district. With this decision Gay-Straight Alliances will not have recognition in the year book or student newspaper, they will not be able to use the public-address system to announce club meetings or events, they won’t be able to have accounts with the Associated Student Body for fundraising purposes or have advisers to help direct the club.

The Kennewick School board had been in violation of the Federal Equal Access law, which requires federally-funded secondary schools to provide equal access to all extracurricular clubs, by granting different access levels to non-curricular student clubs. In the school boards answer to being in violation to a federal law they decided to restrict access to ALL non-curricular clubs including community service orientated clubs such as the Key Club. The Kennewick School Board would rather restrict all non-curricular student clubs then give recognition to the Gay-Straight Alliance.

LGBTQ students face higher suicide rates then their straight peers because of bullying and the ignorance they face in their daily lives as they try to fit in and find a safe community to be themselves. It’s important that our public schools are inclusive and welcoming to all students of all backgrounds. Gay-Straight Alliances are important not only for LGBTQ students but for the entire Kennewick community.

Allowing Gay-Straight Alliances in our public schools sends a clear message that all students deserve equal treatment, respect and a safe environment to assemble.

Please sign this petition to let the Kennewick School Board know that you not only stand with LGBTQA students but for all students in the Kennewick School district.

Please grant equal access to all student clubs and stop allowing personal ignorance and bigotry to dictate our public school system.

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