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I am asking that in the recent case of Peggy Timmerman, an inhome daycare provider in Lancaster Wisconsin, that as part of any type of plea agreement set forth by Asst. DA Anthony Pozorski for the remaining 3 felony counts of child abuse that Peggy Timmerman NOT be allowed to plea down to 3 Misdemeanor counts of Battery on a child.
In addition to this I am asking as part of any plea set forth that it be Mandatory that Peggy Timmerman be listed on the National Child Abuse Registry for life. I would also like to see that the Court would enforce a permanent restriction against Peggy Timmerman being allowed to own/operate/or work in any daycare/childcare setting for life.
She should never be allowed to be alone with children again whom are not her family members.
I am petitioning to the court to do their duty and to protect children from adults who abuse them by not allowing people like Peggy Timmerman to continue to work in this field. The Court has a duty to protect and knowing that Peggy has abused more than one child already and her admitting to biting another child goes above and beyond the definition of child abuse.
I would also ask that Peggy Timmerman be monitored and tested for drugs and alcohol for the entire duration of probabtion and be placed on a NO Drink with Random UA's as one of these conditions.
The plea agreement set forth by Asst. DA Pozorski, has made reference to Peggy video taping or audio taping when children are under her care. That would only be sufficient if the audio and video were automatically uploaded to a cloud to which access would only be granted to the police or probation officers. Peggy having access to turning on the recorders and being able to delete anything she wants is in NO WAY a deterent for already proven behavior. This too should be Mandatory as part of her plea agreement and should have to be monitored by the State Child Care Licensing.
This Court has a duty to protect these innocent voiceless victims and I am praying that the Court impose all conditions that I have set forth in this petition.

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