The Story of Another Victim of The War On Drugs

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My name is Everette J.Taylor Sr. Iam 48 years old and I've been incarcerated in the federal prison for 24years. I have 17 children and 23 grandchildrens. I was born in Queens, NY  and raised in Florida. When I was 12 my mother move me , my brother and twins sisters to Pompano Beach ,Florida. My mom's did her best trying to raise 4 childrens alone but it was very hard bring s single parent (Rip). Since I was the oldest I made it my business to help provide for our family. The pull of streets was my choice and the temptations was hard to resist. Fast easy money was on my mind so I started selling drugs at the age of 16. I quickly grew up and got tire of chasing cars and going to jail. So I started making a transition to bigger and better things.I was addicted to hustling drugs With I myself having an outgoing  personality and friendly demeanor, it enabled me to become a smarter and better hustler . At least I thought so. All the fun women's and the toys and excitement turn sour. Things started getting ruff and unable to control. People whom I that consider whom I thought turned  were true friend's turned on each other's and with jealousy and envy that things got very ugly. Everyone were out for self and you didn't know who to trust.So I decide it was time for A new change in my life. I started to transform from being drug dealer to become a legitimate business man. so I started Come Clean Auto Detailing and Customizing cars. Car Stereo Installation at it's finest etc. Later I started Monster Gold Plating of Pompano where I turned everything chrome to gold. These business allowed myself to use the same personality and traits to become a successful business owner. I loved fixing up cars installing music and putting gold on everything. All of suddenly  it came to anend.OnMarch23rd1994 3 days before my 24th Birthday. I was indicted and arrested an charged with one count of Conspiracy to Possess with the Intent to Distribute and Distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine.Like I've said I were a drug dealer but nothing close to the government proclaimed me to be. So I exercise my right to a trial and jury.At my trial , mens whom I called my family and friend's exchange for favorable time reductions promised by the government, lied and made me seem a lot bigger than I was. They were convicted felons as well trying to win favor and save their own shelves by testifying to anything that would help them receive a 5k1. Not one Law enforcement Officer's or Federal Agent testified against me at trial. There wasn't no physical drugs attributed to me, bo weapons not even confidential informants appeared against me at trial. Only pleading Co-defendants looking for a cut in their sentence from the government testified against me at trial. With their testimony  I was found guilty and convicted  for selling drugs for selling Air Dope. Base on my prior criminal history of drug dealing. O was sentenced a Mandatory Life without parole. For those who don't know what that means let me explain. Life Without Parole Is Walking Death. A walking death sentence where you walk the yards of The Federal Penitentiary til you Swivel Up Grow Old and Die. When I came in the system I was given A Custody classification form. For my Escalated time of Release, It Simply Stated Deceased! Over the years its been to change to Reads 540 months.Please understand I have no violence in my past criminal history no Murders, rapes Kidnapping, Intimidations, Arson or any kind of violence. All which carriers less time than what I received for selling drugs. Even pedophiles get lesser time. In my present Investigation report (PSR)it has a section where the government considers Victim Impact. In my PSR under that section it says specifically .There are no unidentifiable victims of the offense.That means by the government own admission I have never hurt anyone. I started this letter by saying I simply don't deserve to die in prison. I've better myself by learning a lot and studying different things . I've completed education courses such as: Leadership Dynamics, Lifeskills, and Development, Personal Fiance I&II ,Basic Computer Knowledge, Character Building,And Inside-Out Dad.I just named a few etc. I'm also a Role Model for the younger generation and help them become better adults and make a way for them to go home. For most of my 30years behind these walls .I've kept very pretty good behavior and clear conduct. If I'm ever Released I plans of starting a Food Truck and maybe Even a Sport Bar. I loves to Cook and I loves everything about Sports. To the Peoples whom are reading this.I hope you can feel my pain and my struggle. And know  I've done enough time for the crime. Please help me get this petition on my behalf , for me and other's like me in this same situation. I also ask that you you will share your opinions with others and them to sign the petition as well.My goal is let communities across the country know as a result of the War on Drugs and unfair Justice System and out dated Statues that there are guys like me and many of other's suffering with no end in sight.I ask " Is this Justice Or Just Us"? I humbly thank you for taking the time out to Read this Petition and sharing my world with me as it is now.God Bless You

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Waymart, PA 18472


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