The Story of Another Victim of The War On Drugs

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Hello my name is Everette J.Taylor Sr. and I'm a 48 year old male, and I've been incarcerated in the federal prison for 24 1/2 years of my life. I have a total of 17 children and 23 grandchildren. I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Pompano Bch Florida. At the age of  was 12yrs. old  my mother moved me, my brother and twins sisters to Pompano. My mother did her best trying to raise 4 children alone, but it was very hard with her being a single parent. She is now deceased unfortunately due to my incarceration I never had a chance to say my final goodbyes that really hurt me to my soul. Being the oldest is was always the one my siblings looked up to for financial support because was the only one taking of all of us, I'm not using this as an excuse but more of an insight on the daily struggles growing in a single family home. Fast easy money was on my mind so I started selling drugs at the age of 16. As I began to mature I realized that chasing money, fast cars and going back and forth to jail wasn't the life I wanted to continue to live, so I started making a transition to better things. At least I thought so, all the fun women and the toys and excitement turned sour. Things became unable to control. People whom I thought I could trust turned sour they weren’t true friends, everyone turned on each other and with jealousy and envy things got very ugly. Everyone was all out for self and you didn't know who to trust. So I decided it was time for new changes in my life. I started to transform from being drug dealer to becoming a legitimate business man. I started Come Clean Auto Detailing and Customizing Cars. Car Stereo Installation At Its Finest Etc. I later started Monster Gold Plating of Pompano where I turned everything chrome to gold. These business allowed myself to use the same personality and traits to become a successful business owner. I loved fixing up cars installing music and putting gold on everything. All of sudden all of my hard work had come to an end. On March 23rd 1994 3 days before my 24th Birthday. I was indicted and arrested and charged with one count of Conspiracy to Posess with the Intent to Distribute and Distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine. Like I've said I had been a drug dealer but nothing close to the government proclaimed me to be. So I exercise my right to a trial and jury. At my trial, men whom I called my family and friend's exchange for favorable time reductions promised by the government, lied and made me seem a lot bigger than I was. They were convicted felons as well trying to win favor and save their own shelves by testifying to anything that would help them receive a 5k1. Not one Law enforcement Officer's or Federal Agent testified against me at trial. There wasn't no physical drugs attributed to me, bo weapons not even confidential informants appeared against me at trial. Only pleading Co-defendants looking for a cut in their sentence from the government testified at my trial. Later during my incarceration it had been admitted by high ranking government officials that The War on Drugs was farce it really a war on the black community President Ronald Reagan  started the War on Drugs they flooded our community’s. The Cartels it should be also noted that these harsh sentencing guidelines were actually structured for cartels not the ones at the bottom chain. We all know that the more you look into the system you’ll since begin to see all of the corruption from high places. Since my incarceration I’ve been have completed education courses such as Leadership Dynamics’s , Life Skills Growth And Development ,Personal FinanceI&II . RP2- Tactics For Career Placemnt, RP2-Basic Computer ,RP2-Succeeding In work Place, Knowledge,Character Building,RP-3 Sely Study Personal Finance, And Inside-Outside Dad, Concrete, HealthI&II, Costmology  , Money SmartI&II ,Post Prison Blues,Home Improvement, Introduction To Spanish, Commercial Driver’s License, Iam also a role model for the younger generation in helping them become better adults before they get to go home from prison within foremost of my 24/12 years.

Everette J Taylor #30213-004


Waymart, PA 18472


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