Grant 18 year old Saudi Woman Rahaf asylum in the UK


Grant 18 year old Saudi Woman Rahaf asylum in the UK

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Nikki Camilleri started this petition to Jeremy Hunt and

18 year old Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is trapped in a hotel room in Bangkok. She was trying to reach Australia so that she could seek asylum from relatives in Saudi Arabia where she fears she will be persecuted and killed.

Instead she was stopped in Thailand and threatened to be deported. In Saudi Arabia, there are guardianship laws which mean she cannot travel without permission from a male family member. Rahaf fears she will killed upon her return for trying to escape.

Rahaf is sharing her story with the world through her Twitter account. She said:

"My brothers and family and the Saudi embassy will be waiting for me in Kuwait," *

"They will kill me. My life is in danger. My family threatens to kill me for the most trivial things."

Rahaf has been in Bangkok for two days. She’s worried she will lose her life if she goes back to Saudi Arabia. She has called for the UN to support her, pleaded to be granted asylum in another country were she’ll be safe.

She has directly asked Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt if he will offer her asylum. I am pleading with him not to stand by. As someone who lives in Britain, I know that granting Rahaf a safe place, away from persecution, is what Britain is all about. It is important that Britain stands with Rahaf.

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Since starting this petition, Rahaf has seen and retweeted this campaign. I have used a pseudonym to protect my identity.

*BBC News


This petition made change with 98,825 supporters!

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