Grandparents Rights

Grandparents Rights

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Why this petition matters

Started by Wendy Campbell

My daughter had a beautiful little boy in 2014.  I was blessed to be there when he was born.  This little boy stole my heart from day 1.  For the first 4 years everything was great.  I helped raise him.  He never went to a sitter because he was with me.  We played, he learned his colors, shaped, counting and even could spell his name.

Then everything changed.  We were in a bad car accident and I was hurt so bad I'm now in a wheelchair most of the time.  

His parents decided to take him all the way across the country.  Now they have no money but they still go.  They steal food to eat, clothing, and even brake into places to sell for money not for a place to sleep or food for the child but for drugs.

When they finally come back to Virginia, they are still running from the law but get caught.  They call grandma to get the child which I do.  

CPS has been called and the parents can't and don't tell the truth they take the little boy into foster care.  

After 3 years I'm told I can not see him anymore.  Hes no longer my grandson.  Forget him.  

How do you forget a child that you love, helped care for and would do anything for? 

In Virginia the law is for parents, foster parents or the care givers.  Grandparents have no rights.  This needs to change.  The children suffer as much as the grandparents.  If the adult child gets mad at the parents they say " you can't see my children!"  Who suffers?  Not just the grandparents but the children.  

We need to have this law changed in Virginia.  If it's changed it will give the grandparents and grandchildren a relationship, a bond that no one can destroy.  A grandparent is someone to have fun with, someone that sits and tells you stories about when she was young.  A bond of making cookies, planting flowers or just special time together.

Every child and grandparent need a bond that they can both cherish forever.

Please make this happen so we can all hug and kiss our grandchildren again.  

31 have signed. Let’s get to 50!