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I think Grandparents should have certain rights about their Grandchildren.

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I am in a costly custody battle over my Grandson. I have raised him since birth. Because there is no Grandparent rights here in Florida, I do not quaulify for any legal aide. But the parents who have not raised this child could go get all the legal help they need, where I can not. This law needs to be changed. More and More Grandparents are raising there Grandchildren, and they have no Legal protection. Unless DCF is involved there is nothing a Grandparent can do but hire an attorney which is very costly. As in my situation my grandson's father is in prison, and is about to get out. My daughter(his mother) is in jail awaiting to go to rehab. I called dcf to report the child was with me thinking I could get custody through abandonment, but no. Because my Daughter signed a letter authorizing me to have legal right to get him medical help, etc. They said she had not abandoned him. She knew where he is at. My Grandson has severe adhd, and a form of autism. I get medicaid for him so he can go to therapy and his nearologist. The state put child support payments against his parents, but still no one can grant me custody. I finally started saving my money, and cutting back so I could afford to hire an attorney. I called legal aide, and I was dismissed, with the oh you are the Grandmother. I was very upset when I realized the laws in Florida. This law should be revised or just changed.

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