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Abolish Photo Radar in Grande Prairie, AB

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Kevin Albers and Shawna Prince of the 977 ROCK morning show, want to abolish the over-use of Photo Radar in Grande Prairie, feeling it is just a cash cow and that we do not see direct positives from the monies raised.

The City of Grande Prairie pays the second highest civic taxes in Alberta, and on top of that City of Grande Prairie has collected $2,149,686.00 in ATE fine revenue between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016. However, our infrastructure is struggling within the city limits and our local RCMP are inundated with petty crime.

As was said in a similar online petition:

"If our Officials and Law Enforcement personnel are genuinely concerned about the safety and well-being of Alberta motorists, photo radar should be scrapped, and ALL aspects of dangerous driving should receive the same amount of attention as "speeding". Right now speeding is a scapegoat to classify someone as a dangerous driver, when speed is only a single factor, useless in isolation, yet the outrage/concern/enforcement for these following risky behaviors doesn't get nearly as much attention:

-drunk driving
-distracted driving
-improperly maintained vehicles
-lack of driver education leading to poorly skilled drivers
-risky driver behavior such as over-driving for road, traffic or weather conditions
-tailgating, lack of signaling
-improper passing on highways

Photo radar is being used as a cash grab in this province marketed in the name of safety. We have photo radar units being parked in areas that are supposed to be as per the following:

"All sites are selected pursuant to the guidelines set out by the Province of Alberta, in relation to high collision corridors, citizen complaints, school zones and construction zones."

Yet instead we see photo radar units parked behind signs, at the bottom of hills, hidden just after limit changes and more. Not only that, how do these units justify being a hazard themselves in the name of safety, when they are often parked on the shoulders of busy roads, blocking emergency lanes, unmarked, with low visibility.

Getting a ticket in the mail 2 weeks later does nothing to solve the problem of getting actual dangerous drivers off the road. Getting a ticket on the basis of going faster then a set speed with no regards for the flow of traffic, road conditions, time of day etc, is not a useful enforcement tool. More often then not we see traffic slowing down abruptly when photo radar is suspected, creating artificial ripples to traffic flow, then resuming speed afterwards. These unneeded changes to traffic flow create more of a risk due to variance in speed then if speed had remained constant, even above the limit.

Photo radar won't catch or ticket a truly dangerous driver that may be doing the speed limit, weaving in and out of heavy traffic during a congested period, but yet will ticket a driver on a clear stretch of road for doing 10-15 over the limit. How does this make sense?"

This year is an election year,make a difference! If you agree with us, sign this petition, let's get rid of this cash cow!

***photo courtesy of Global News Edmonton**


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