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Hachi and Koda - a 1 year old, intact male Husky and a 3 yr old, Chow/Lab mix,unspayed female, respectively - are the victims of irresponsible dog owners and a justice system that squarely places all of the blame for any dog's behaviors on the dogs, not the owners.  

As many Huskies do, Hachi has a strong prey drive that has not been managed or worked with.  He's a puppy - and he does exactly what a 1 year old, intact, high prey drive dog will do when he doesn't have proper training, adequate exercise and proper containment. In the past year, Hachi, has killed one neighbor's cat and another neighbors ShihTzu, and most recently while on the run for 7 days, he and Koda made their way to a farm 30 miles away and killed someone's ducks and chickens.   It should be noted that both the cat and the dog were loose (not on leashes or contained in their own yards.  Hachi and Koda's owners were charged with a misdemeanor after the incident with the cat but still continued to provide inadequate containment for the dogs - which led to the incident with the ShihTzu and the ducks/chickens.  

There is no denying it - they were menaces in their neighborhood.  ALL of these incidences could have been prevented if they were in the right home with responsible owners.  It is not a coincidence that two dogs of different breeds but with the same owners, are behaving badly.  But, since our current MI statutes state that 'any dog who kills another dog (cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. are not included in the criteria) or causes harm to property' is deemed 'dangerous' , and the courts SHALL order them to be terminated. 

The owners of the dogs ARE being charged in this case - they have NOT been given a pass in any way (with the exception of action not being taken sooner).  After the cat incident last fall, they were told to keep their dogs contained in a kennel at all times and, if there was another incident, the dogs would be 'terminated'.  They knew what the potential outcome would be but, still, more escapes took place.

These dogs have not been given an opportunity to show that they can be managed.  But the Lexus Project has stepped up and offered to take full responsibility for the dogs so they can have that opportunity.  Expert testimony was given that the dogs can be rehabilitated and are in the wrong environment with owners who do not have enough knowledge about the breeds.  

In the most recent Show Cause hearing (June 13), it was ordered that Koda would be transferred to the Lexus Project DKM facility in Colorado (she was transported on 6/26/16) - but Hachi was ordered to be destroyed because he killed a dog.  Hachi is a puppy that needs to be trained.  We ask that Hachi be given the opportunity to live out his life in Colorado, along with Koda.   It is the most humane thing to do and will put the spotlight back on the owners where it should have been all along.  Please send the strong message to Michigan pet owners and stop blaming the animals for the actions and inaction's of their humans!

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