Please help us save our Red

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Please from the bottom of our hearts, take the time to help us save Red.

Red is a 3 year old Staffordshire Terrior/abkc mix. He has been with us since he was about 5 or 6 weeks. He is our family dog that consists of a large family. My 2 oldest little girls who have raised him adore him. He was in our care for the first year, and the girls gave them to their father when we split up so he could take care of their daddy. This past Febuary their daddy got into a bit of trouble and went to jail. Well we had Red back. At our now, previous residence the neighbors had 2 uncontrollable dogs that would viciously attack our fence line when my small pomeranians,my girls, or my big dogs would go out side to attempt to play. All my dogs get along....  4 pomeranians and a bull Terrior as well as Reds dad. For 2 years I for some reason would record the dogs in the neighbors yard, fighting eachother and barking viciously at me and my girls and dogs wondering why they never would talk to them or calm them... well these neighbors were hateful and spiteful and were the kind to never leave the house and if they did gave dirty looks. So very approachable as is. So I just recorded and complained to my landlord a lady (Beatrice)  who refused to give me the hoa direct number for an unknown reason

Well we resided in a hoa area and they called numerous times and sending  pictures of a jet ski and grill out front of my yard on fathers day, as tbey did every month about my cars, or grass or any insignificant thing.  Knowing I am merely renting would be evicted. Well the time came and I finally had enough and said were getting the heck out after numerous threats about different things, we cannot live or coexist here. So we got a way bigger house in the same neighborhood outside of hoa next to my girls school. However the new house is on a major highway and needed to be 100% sure the fence is secure. So left Red at the previous house until we secured the fence and retrieved a dog run to extra precaution. These are all my babies. 

Well the day we went and took down the video cameras because electric was shut off and that was the last to do and pick up the run in a few counties over and them bring my baby home. The electricity was shut off and Red was not going to stay in his laundry room as he usually did a s die if heat deprivation, so my current fiance left Red and or girl who is a tempermentl fixed English bull Terrior Saja with him. Well the neighbors the day before saw us getting our cameras and leaving and for the first ever time put their dogs in their truck proceeding to laugh at my family and driving away as we loaded up our remaining belongings. I am a mother, I felt defeated. 

We had to leave the dogs because our appointment to pick up the dog run was next morning. Long story short. 

Supposubly, my dog got into his yard and killed the neighbors dog and was being attacked  or attacking the other and the neighbor went out to the dogs, after having to hear this comotion going on. He never cared before about the vicious barking until this happened.... And it was not my dog that provoked the incident and I KNOW IT.  His account was because there was 4 fence posts removed.... said " Your dog (keep in mind is aprx 60lbs.) dug into his yard killed his dog and he removed panels for him to go back into our yard", my other dog who is the escape artist never left the yard. But did so after Red killing his dog. However  he told the animal control he feared for his life and they are saying it was unproked. It was always provoked even though my dogs NEVER retaliated. We were kicked out and we were being taken advantage of by our land Lord and were feeling down defeated and my dogs can sense me! My dogs are my lovers and have been in the home for 2 years and can sense the bad vibes I'm feeling and the stress I'm undergoing.  Red has never been in trouble never bit, lunged or injured any one. His first time they want to kill him! Please help me, from the bottom of my heart. For my girls who are distraught for my girls daddy who made a mistake wound up in a bad place and now is paying his dues but is looking foward to his boy he calls son, and going fishing with him and his daughters. They declaired our Red boy dangerous on August 30th and was my childrens father birthday.  My heart is in shambles. And the control officer took my dog saying she was the one to make the desicion whether or not he was to be "destroyed" of coarse she decaired him dangerous because I told her to stop saying she would destroy him, especially in my presence.....And she merely told me she was allowed to say it if she wants.  

I have looked for lawyers and attorneys buy no one that does a dog on dog case. I'm at a loss for words and feel like I myself am on death row. They won't even allow my children to see him and before they decided him dangerous advised me it wasn't necessary.... so they picked him up after releasing him to me and taking my money and to top it all off the lady hounds me when i had him but promised to notify every step and has avoided answering my calls and the appeal lady happens to be out of town and will only be back for like one day before his death date to appeal. PLEASE 

Please help us in any way possible fight for Red ❤ he is a wonderful boy and is dearly loved. I already have arrangements to place him to go to outside the city and they said it is a possibility if they decided that, but decided they wanted him euthanized. He deserves a chance to fight and I'm his only voice as of now!!!


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