Stop Overly Dense Development at 2524 F 1/2 Road

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A builder is proposing a project to construct 21 small, 2-story houses on a 3-acre lot at 2524 F 1/2 Road. The project is called Elevation 4591. (Note: in the embedded video above, I state that the road runs along the East side of the lot. That has been changed and now the road is proposed along the West side. It does not change the point of the video.)

We are not opposed to development. We are not opposed to the City and landowners trying to encourage "infill" development (i.e. development of vacant lots within the city which are surrounded by mature neighborhoods).

However the petitioners are asking that this project become an example of the City enforcing reasonable limitations and a signal to developers that the City will grant license to developers to enhance profits at the expense of other residents of the city.


We believe that this project, in its current form, is a mistake and will create a negative impact on the surrounding, mature neighborhoods. There are 3 problems with this particular plan:

  1. It does not adequately account for impact on an existing drainage problem in this area. Neighbors directly to the East suffer from a high water table, water in their crawl spaces, water that has even come up through the asphalt in the street. This is because the developer failed to insure for proper drainage. The developer of that project is a major driver of this proposed project, so the residents have no confidence in the developer's commitment to insuring that a bad situation doesn't get even worse.
  2. The 2-story structures will be so densely packed into the lot that the developer is asking for a variance to reduce the minimum width of each lot from 40 feet to 35 feet. The structures will be 15 feet from the fence line and will tower over existing homes, blocking views and sunlight. Additionally, in many cases 3 small houses will be packed into the space occupied currently by one single family house in a normal subdivision.
  3. Privacy for existing residents will be dramatically reduced as a second-story dwelling close to the fence line of the existing homes will have a direct, close line of sight into back yards, bedroom windows, and living rooms. Any privacy can only come by existing residents keeping drapes and blinds tightly drawn.

All of the above will have a negative impact on

  • Quality of life of long-time current residents
  • Home values

Many residents who are concerned by this are retired and can't afford to move. We are counting on the Grand Junction City Council to exercise its oversight authority and demand that the developer go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that is significantly more sensitive to the needs of the community.