Support Native American High School graduates to wear the Eagle Feather during commencement

I am signing this petition because I had the same situation happen to me last year (May 2014). I was graduating from Walters High School in Walters, OK. The principal told me no that I could not wear my eagle plume. I was devastated, my father had just beaded the stem of my plume blue and white for my school colors. The principal told me that other had asked to decorate their caps and i replied in the most respectful way that it was not an accessory or a decoration. It was to symbolize that I was a princess for the Comanche Nation Tribe, to show that I was proud to be Native, to express my heritage, and to make my Native people proud of me. My father had threaten to sue the school board and that we would win in court, and they were violating the first amendment. I stand 100% behind any other native student who fights this.

Chelsey Fodder, Walters, OK, United States
7 years ago
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