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BTS Grammy Nomination (Best International Act or K-pop Category)

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BTS (Also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or 방탄소년단 in Hangul) is a seven-member South Korean originated group consisting of Kim Soe-kjin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Kim Namjoon, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, and Jeon Jeong-guk.

This act has dispersed all across the world giving them international stardom and recognition. Their most notable achievement in America was most recently. It was when they were nominated for a Billboard Music Award along with other favorable Western artist. Not only were they nominated, they actually won their category for "Top Social Artist" on May 21, 2017. Although this was fan voted via Twitter, there have been noted in many interviews, news, and magazines all across the U.S. Those include Vogue Magazine, Elle, E! News, CNN, and etc. These articles have expressed their uniqueness and sales like in this quote, "...their sales are strong even in territories where fans don't speak their language. In its first week, Wings moved 16,000 copies and charting at Number 26 on the Billboard 200, making it the highest-charting, best-selling K-pop album in America to date." (The Rolling Stones). And this is where I begin to discuss my proposition to not only get BTS a Grammy nomination but a category for them so they can be nominated in the first place. They are drastically getting bigger and bigger as their fanbase A.R.M.Y. has continued to grow and grow too. K-pop has now taken over which is why there are Kcon's ( A convention celebrating all Korean culture, artist, food,)in France, LosAngeles, New York, Japan, and Mexico and so on.

It's time K-pop artist have the chance to get a Gramophone Award, and here is why:

1.BTS have the potential:

They have a huge following on Twitter as @BTS-twt (5.9 million followers), Facebook @bangtan.official (4.4 million followers), and Instagram @bts.bighitofficial (3.7 million followers)They have 975,687,439 views in all their music videos at the moment (including Japanese Ver.). Their main "ibighit" which is owned by their record label Big Hit Entertainment has over 3,000,000,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Although this has no reason to be nominated, it proves how show stopping and resilient they are becoming. To have a large attraction in the internet leads to more fans, and more fans lead to more sales and remembrance all around. They are thus far the #1 representation of the K-pop genre itself for the U.S. and other parts outside of their origin. 

 2. Why not?

Why not? There is many diverse categories in this award show. It is stated online that is is MOSTLY based on American artist which proves that the small percentage is possible. There is a whole Latin Category so why not include Korean Pop to the mix? This certain genre has been widely popular so it is possible. I'd also like to add that there have been many recipients outside the U.S. who have been participated. Plus, it will target many more views. 



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